Mental Health Counseling and
EMDR Therapy

AprilCounseling Philosophy: I believe that all individuals have inner resources for change and the capacity to overcome negative experiences. I also believe that the more power an individual has over his or her own life, the better. I feel that my professional relationships should convey a sense of caring and respect and that any intervention should help to build confidence, self-respect and empowerment.

My counseling work varies according to the needs of the participants. I also provide referrals to community resources, when appropriate.

Education and Training: In 1993, I earned a B.A. degree from The Evergreen State College. My studies focused on Psychology and Sociology, and I served a one-year internship at Safeplace Women's Shelter. In 2008, I earned my Masters degree in counseling from Saint Martin's University. During my Masters internship, I served as a therapist at The Evergreen State College Counseling Center. In 2008, I also completed EMDR levels I and II training.

Background: I began working in Social Services in 1998 as a caregiver for developmentally disabled adults. Over the last 17 years, I have worked in both Thurston and Pierce counties in a variety of social service positions. I have served as an advocate and counselor for high-school students with developmental disabilities, clients in mental health crises, college students with a variety of issues, families with children in crisis, families with court-ordered supervised visits, elder adults, and victims of domestic violence.